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Why VR Analytics?

VR systems are more complex than any other computation devices built yet, they provide a ton of data that can be utilised in ways never thought of before.

New Media

VR is more immersive, more engaging and needs enhance degree of presence. Interaction in VR are fundamentally different, therefore the data generated is also different. Analytics for this data help in creating better content.

Better Understand users

VR gives you the intuitive power to understand user interests and behaviour based on their interactions, movements and vision. VR Analytics has made analytics more Human.

Build better, Sell better

Knowing users behaviour and interests helps in creating better content and sell better. Be it a game, V-Commerce store, Automobile, or Real Estate, data-backed feedback helps in creating better.


VadR’s platform is intuitive and easy to use. At the same time it is extremely powerful and gives you metrics most relevant to you. Advanced data visualization helps in generating insights quickly.


VadR is built with VR in mind and its vast applications. Features covering all bases, in every possible application of VR, giving you the most out of your data.

VR Specific Metrics

User Gaze, Position and Movement analysis, Object engagement, Device performance etc. VR analytics needs to make sure that the true power of VR is being used. With a focus on user, VR never seemed this easy to understand.

Powerful Visualization

Heatmaps form the core of our VR analytics platform. Heatmaps overlaid on 3D model of your VR world gives holistic and highlevel view into users’ mind. Heatmaps are not only interactive but also flexible for your needs.

Drag and Drop SDK

No lengthy code lines, no modifications to your base code, just an easy Drag and Drop SDK, that requires no more than 120 seconds to integrate. Once integrated, we’ll take care of processing data and all your analytics need.

Easy to Customize

We understand that each one of your content is different and need to monitor different parameters. Register any event that is relevant to you with just a single line of code. Customize your dashboard and see any data the way you like.

Cross Platform

VadR supports multiple platforms and engines. Integrate our SDK for Unity or Unreal Engine. Our SDK is compatible with major VR Headsets including Vive, Rift, Daydream, Gear VR, Cardboard, etc and different Operating Systems.

Ubiquitous Access

With VadR’s web based dashboard, you can access all your data from anywhere at anytime, on a mobile device or from your desktop, and customise according to your need. Share access with your team and make collaborative decisions.


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